Upcoming IFLA General Conference and Assembly

August 2018: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Tuesday 28 August, 09:30 - 11:30, session 187A, UN Sustainable Development Goals transforming societies through informed policy - Government Libraries, co-sponsored with Library and Research Services for Parliaments 
  • Friday 24 August, 15:45 - 17:45, session 044, 1st Standing Committee Meeting - Government Libraries Section
  • Monday 27 August, 11:45 - 12:45, session 150, Role of government and law libraries in times of crisis and turnoil - Law Libraries, co-sponsored with Government Libraries
  • Wednesday 29 August, 08:00 - 10:30, session 216, 2nd Standing Committee Meeting - Government Libraries Section 

Past Annual Conference Sessions

August 2017: Wroclaw, Poland

August 2016: Columbus, Ohio, USA

August 2015: Cape Town (South Africa)

August 2014: Lyon (France)

August 2013: Singapore (Singapore)

11-17 August 2012: Helsinki (Finland) 

13-18 August 2011: San Juan (PUERTO RICO) 

10-15 August 2010: Gothenburg (SWEDEN)

22-23 April 2010: Barcelona (SPAIN). Mid-term conference: Case studies in government libraries

23-27 August 2009: Milan (ITALY). Session 133: Transforming learning cultures: government libraries as the treasures within

10-14 August 2008: Québec city (CANADA). Session 165: Conquering barriers - the politics of information: communication, collaboration and content.  Powerpoint sheets only: Moving towards a new information specialist profile by Daniel J. Caron (Library and Archives Canada, Gatineau, Canada)  Français

19-23 August 2007: Durban (SOUTH AFRICA). Government libraries: approaches to multi-lingual collections and services

19-21 April 2007: Cardiff (UNITED KINGDOM). Mid-term conference: Government libraries: creating impact from information 

20-24 August 2006: Seoul (SOUTH KOREA). Sessions 78 and 110 (with Social Sciences Libraries): Customer needs: the engines of change for government libraries and information centers; Parnership building with government and social science libraries

March 2006: Addis Ababa (ETHIOPIA). Mid-term conference: Access to Information and Knowledge for Development

14-18 August 2005: Oslo (NORWAY). Session 98: Destination unknown? Piloting innovation in government libraries

10-12 August 2005: Stockholm (SWEDEN).  Preconference.

22-27 August 2004: Buenos Aires (ARGENTINA). Session 81: The role of information literacy in a democracy: how government libraries can help

1-9 August 2003: Berlin (GERMANY). Session 129: Changing governments, changing libraries. Session 172: Off-site workshop

18-24 August 2002: Glasgow (UNITED KINGDOM). Session 81: National information policies and the role of government libraries

14-15 August 2002: London (UNITED KINGDOM). Seminar / workshop: Informing government: government library and information services in the information age.

23 August 2001: Boston (UNITED STATES). Off-site workshop: Strategies for recognition - how to promote government libraries and services

1999: Moscow (RUSSIA). Mid-term conference: The role of libraries in ensuring public access to official publications and government information.

See also: Conferences 2001-2007

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