Storytelling for Library Advocacy at the Time of COVID-19


13 October 2020



IFLA will be represented by Despina Gerasimidou, Strategic Development Officer, Kristine Paberza-Ramiresa, Member Engagement Officer, and Stephen Wyber, Manager, Policy and Advocacy


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced dramatic changes in the lives of libraries and the communities they serve. It has seen both examples of great innovation and resilience by library and information workers, but also instances of how much people have missed in-person services.

Each - in different ways - demonstrate the importance and potential of libraries.

With tough times for library budgets likely in the future, libraries and associations have an interest in collecting and presenting these stories as part of their advocacy. 

This webinar will provide an overview of IFLA's materials for story-gathering and story-telling - including the IFLA Storytelling Manual - as well as key points to bear in mind when presenting stories to support your arguments.

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Last update: 10 October 2020