Public Lending Right Briefing (2020)

Public Lending Right schemes exist in just over 30 countries worldwide, with active efforts from some to extend them further. IFLA's new briefing, linked to our position on the subject, aims to help libraries and library associations engage in discussions more effectively. 

IFLA's position on Public Lending Right (PLR) sets out the approach the Federation takes to discussions around public lending right around the world, supplemented by the annex of 2019, which establishes best practices in situations where PLR is already in existence.

In order to support libraries and library associations in their advocacy around PLR, IFLA has released a Public Lending Right (PLR) Briefing.

In different sections, this document:

  • Explains what PLR is, and where and how it is applied
  • Explains IFLA's own position
  • Explores questions and controversies related to PLR
  • Sets out other - potentially more effective ways - in which governments can support authors
  • Provides advocacy messages for the library community

IFLA continues to be committed to monitoring the evolution of PLR while supporting the work of creators.

Download the Public Lending Right Briefing - PDF (English)

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Last update: 11 May 2021